$79/monthly (Monitoring & Hosting)
Server Maintenance

Dashboard Access

5 Pages

Free SSL

1 on 1 Training Session

Simple E-commerce

X Search Engine Submission

X Business Profile Listing

X Backlink Submitter

X SEO Expert Submission


WE MAKE YOUR WEBSITE DEMO AS A GUIDE FOR YOU TO START WITH. ONCE YOU ARE PLEASED WITH YOUR WEBSITE DEMO. THE WEB DESIGNER WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO USE YOUR DASHBOARD YOU WILL HAVE PERSONAL ACCESS TO  YOUR DASHBOARD TO CHANGE AND CUSTOMIZE THE SITE TO YOUR LIKING THEREAFTER DEPENDING ON THE PLAN OF CHOICE . Williamsprobuilder takes pride in creating custom, appealing and easy to navigate websites for all types of website clients. Our website design and development process begins with listening to your goals and objectives while taking time to understand your business and competition.We can develop a site that works best for you and your business. A successful website is not only visually pleasing, but also intuitive, easy to use, and fulfills the technical needs of your company or organization.
 no obligation no contract cancel at anytime

We have completed websites for several types of businesses and non-profits. 

Plans That Include Personal Dashboard

We will go live and show you how to work and customize your dashboard with personal assistance.
"estimated monthly and setup fee cost depends on the project and work required by the client"

FEATURES: WPB Web Designers Create 

  • Text/Description - WPB designer can display information about your business, written out information
  • Images - WPB designers can display images onto the webpage
  • Gallery - Designer can create a gallery to display images.
  • Slideshow - WPB designers can create a slideshow of images on the webpage
  • Hero Image -  WPB designer can add a Hero Image a large web banner image, prominently placed on a web page, generally in the front and center.
  • Columns - WPB can also create columns to display your work. 
  • Video (Youtube Videos ONLY) - WPB designer can add a youtube video to your website on a page.
  • Testimonials - WPB designers can add your reviews to the website to display your reviews. 
  • (This is manually added for reviews, We do not provide review submissions)
  • Coupons - WPB designers can display your coupons onto the webpage
  • Events - WPB designers can create events that can be displayed on the webpage.
  • Menu - Designers can create a menu to display on the webpage. 
  • (Need the e-commerce $99/monthly plan)
  • Email Form - WPB team can create an email form to display for there customers to fill out a form & be sent too there an email address
  • Documents: WPB Team can attach document too a page like PDF,DOC,ZIP,PPT ECT..
  • Social Icons - WPB team can create icons from popular social media account to display on the webpage. 
  • Blog - WPB can create a blog RSS feed Url to import your blog onto the website. (you can also have the web designer to display a written out blog on a page)
  • Wufoo Form - WPB designer have the option to add "Wufoo form" to display onto the website, Wufoo's online form builder helps you create custom HTML forms without writing code. WPB use online form creator to build contact forms, surveys, events also you will need to have an active account with them visit
  • Audio - WPB designer can create audio ONLY from "SoundCloud" We do not provide auto onto the webpage (There are 3rd party audio systems that you can get. Talk to your web designer to see if it's possible to input that onto the webpage)
  • Price Table - WPB offers price table integration to display "pricing of a different plan that you might offer" 
  • Paypal - WPB designers use "PayPal" only for e-commerce, if you do not have a PayPal account, you can signup for one FREE visit
*Please note that "Monthly" contains the following: Monitoring, SSL(secure sockets layer), content on the website to hold onto the website.
  • Monitoring: Website monitoring is used to ensure businesses website uptime, performance, and functionality as expected. Updating Server onto your website, Fixing websites issue in the back-end.
  • SSL- Comes with a Green lock at the top of your web browser, having this service will keep your website from being  hacked, also it helps to secure your website for search engines like, Google, Bing, Yahoo
  • Content - Depending on the plan, the server holds the amount of content to be used on the server.